Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Internet Explorer or Firefox Updated

Now that we have Firefox v2.0 and Internet Explorer v7.0, which do I recommend? Firefox plain and simple. In the last post that I mentioned the subject, I said that I still used Internet Explorer from time to time, but that has all changed.

Firefox is the one and only browser that I use now, and it wasn't the version 2 update that changed my opinion, it is the extensions. Yes IE 7 supports extensions too, but so far the offering is woefully unimpressive, and still Internet Explorer has security problems that Firefox doesn't have.

What does that mean to you the casual internet surfer that wants to keep yourself safe and secure while online? It means that if you use IE instead of Firefox you are putting yourself at unnecessary risk of having various bad things happen to your computer. You could have a security breach, in that someone takes control of your computer, or have other various headaches such as buffer overflows and the like. If you use Firefox you can still have a buffer overflow but chances are that it is from a bad extension, or a poorly coded site that is just a mistake and not an attack, but the chances of you getting hit by malicious code are much smaller. Firefox fixes its few problems more rapidly than they are patched in Internet Explorer, but back to the extensions.

You can be so much more productive with the litany of things that are offered as add ons to Firefox, you can customize the way the browser acts, looks and functions all according to your likes and needs, and all you have to do is go to https://addons.mozilla.org and shop for whatever you want, and it is all free!