Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Ubuntu/Linux Experience

This is a copy of a post I made at the Ubuntu-SC Forums

I just put Ubuntu 7.10 on my 2nd machine, this one is capable of running Compiz, so now I can fool with it for the first time without the live CD. I really like Compiz. It really adds to the user experience. It makes you feel like you have a really powerful computer, and with the ability of Linux to run nicely on older hardware it makes you feel like you have gotten the most out of the hardware you have spent your money on. I tried Compiz once before, but it did not run at all off the Live CD, so I never fooled with it again, but this leads me to a question for the Linux community as a whole.

One thing I have noticed in the process of experimenting on all of the Distros and different versions of Distro's is that each one seems to have its own distinct problems or pluses. For example: I tried Knoppix (various versions) on one PC. Some of my hardware worked on one version and some did not on a different version. You would think that I would gain functionality with the newest version and more software features would work, but this is not what I experienced - I lost some functionality and gained some functionality irregardless of whether it was a newer or older version of the Distro and even between the Distro's. I experienced the same thing on Ubuntu, gOS, PC Linux OS, Linspire, DSL, Knoppix STD, and Suse.

I do have to admit, that over all it has gotten better, but I still feel somewhat iffy about upgrading to a newer version of a distro for fear of losing some functionality of my hardware, or a favorite software feature.

Ubuntu 7.10 has obviously gotten better than earlier versions of Ubuntu. I think I started with a version 5.xx and seen mainly nothing but improvement. I decided at v7.04 that the next version (in my Mind) would be "ready for prime-time" and that I would actually install it on a machine that I use daily. However, I still need my XP on at least 1 of my machines, for the simple fact that I use Newsleecher and there is no good Linux replacement that I have found, and I must have XP on my Laptop because of its portability, and increased chances of being lost or stolen, I use PGP Whole Disk Encryption to keep my banking and other passwords and data secure. Again, no Linux alternative.

Comments , suggestions, and airing of grievances welcome...